Become a Friend of the Millwald

We invite you to join the Friends of the Millwald and help us restore this vital piece of Wytheville history! Your $50 founders membership makes you part of a core group of citizens that are helping to bring this project to life in its earliest stages. Being part of this initial drive will make you one of the first public supporters of the Millwald restoration project!

Your name will appear on the Friends of the Millwald roll on this page, and this will periodically be shared on our social media. Plus, you will have early access to Millwald news and updates!

Click “Join Now” to visit our online shop and purchase your exclusive membership today!

Friends of the Millwald

Founding Members

Dr. Walter & Frances Barton
Sarah Beamer
Terry & Becky Beamer
Kristin & Tommy Bell
Cheryl Payton Bess
Russell & Jennifer Bird
Patricia Bliss
Jody & Sherrie Bloomfield
Kevin & Allison Bloomfield
Mark & Kathy Bloomfield
Joseph Chapman
Dale & Debbie Clark
Malinda Lester Cleary
Marie Coen
Sean Cogley
Tracy & Melissa Copenhaver
Edward Corvin
Jessica DeHart
Linda DiYorio
John & Bonnie Dodson
Jody Fiorini
Kevin Fiorini
Ellery Flynn
Matthew Frusher
Dawn Grant
Teresa Hagee
Suzanne Halsey
Frank Howard
Thomas F. Hundley
Becki & Stephen James

Mike, Rachel, & Courtland Jones
Rusty & Susan Jones
Ronald & Rosa Lee Jude
Linda Justice
Calder Kegley
Finley Kegley
Megan Kegley
Sawyer Kegley
Rob & Gale Kern
Dennis Kitts
Laura Laing
Steve & Lisa Lester
Lisa Levi
David Manley
Jason Manley
Donald Martin
Nancy Martin
Stacy Martin
Anthony Mattan
Rebecca Mitchell
Jeremy Miller
William Miller
Frances & Thom Moore
John Patch
Chesnut Pennington
Josh Pennington
Reed Pennington
Brian Pike
Janice Pryor

Samantha Romano
Gregg & Ellen Reynolds
Mark Roope
Millicent Rothrock
Glenda Salerno
Joseph Salerno
Deborah Saneda
Patty Singleton
Robert Slater
Noah & Ashley Slemp
Elizabeth Smith
Vicki Sprouse
James Stallard
Bruce & Caroline Stephens
Michael & Vickie Stephens
Faye Sutherland
John Sutherland
Wayne Sutherland
Shane Terry
Susan Todd
Julia & Bill Tomiak
Elizabeth “Betsy” Trevillian
Susan Van Wickler
C.M. & Mary Walters
Roxanne Watson
Harry White
Kay White
Margaret White
Nancy Willis
Todd & Megan Wolford

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